About Us

Our company was established in 1978 in Istanbul. As the name suggests, it has set out with the principle of providing world-class solutions to its customers with the latest technology in accordance with international standards, adopting human values, nature protection and reliability as the most important criteria in its relationship with the customer.
In 1980, we started production in a small workshop with the first semi-automatic aerosol machine in accordance with the law on pressure cans, and after a short time we expanded the product range and included liquid products such as shampoo into our production.

After many years of experience in manufacturing for many well-known brands of Turkey with the quality solutions, we opened the export doors by serving the foreign cosmetics sector and continued to progress on the path of becoming "UZMAN" Cosmetic with its serious, reliable and experienced staff.

With the studies of our R&D, Design and Graphics department, we continue to expand our company in aerosol and cosmetics by exporting to 80 countries with a 4500 m2 closed area and 60 million aerosol production capacity.